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Refurbish Gearboxes

JHS undertakes refurbishment of any make, size and capacity of Industrial Gearboxes and Wind-mill Gearboxes with sophisticated infrastructure and through high precision equipments.

With the commitment to deliver the highest quality of refurbished Gearboxes by recognizing root cause that prevents downtime of machines and any other criticalities, hence enhancing the Gearbox lifespan.

Why Re-Furbishment Gearboxes?

  • Cost saving solutions by reducing total cost of gearbox ownership
  • Cost saving solutions by reducing total cost of gearbox ownership
  • Increasing service factors to maximize availability of gearbox with highest reliability
  • Cheaper gear components compare to existing brand
  • Faster delivery of components


Before image
Before image


after image
after image


  • Onsite inspection, service, failure analysis and root cause
  • Strategic spares management
  • Prompt and efficient service during breakdown or planned maintenance
  • Repair existing gearbox with quality material for rebuild or reconditioned unit and supply
  • We have a solid reputation for designing and manufacturing innovative new gearboxes

Test Bed


  • We use over 50 years of gear engineering innovation to understand and solve your gearing problems
  • We add value by reducing the total cost of gearbox ownership
  • We deliver global expertise to give you rapid gearing support and services
  • We work in partnership with you to deliver enhanced gearing products and service
  • We have experience of critical application gearbox refurbishment and we can repair almost anything as well as remanufacture broken or pitted gears and shafts

Assembly of Re-Furbished Gearbox


  • On site gear measurement by dedicated trained service engineer
  • Chemical composition and hardness check of material
  • Profile measuring machine to check gear geometry parameters
  • Co-ordinate measuring machine to check gear case dimension

Finish Gear Components

Re-Furbishment Gearboxes Facility

We are equipped with the following key machinery to keep your gearbox on track for a long and problem free future

  • Strip, inspection and assembly areas
  • State of the art spray booth
  • 100T coupling puller
  • 20T & 5T overhead crane
  • Warehouse storage
  • CNC lathe machines
  • Case carburizing & Nitriding treatment
  • Fluorescent magnetic particle test
  • Enclosed machine shop
  • 1T parts turbo washer / Indoor wash bay
  • Bearing heaters
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Horizontal & Vertical borer
  • CNC hobbing machines
  • Full in-house manufacturing
  • Load testing and No load testing

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